BPC-157+TB-500 – 10mg/10mg combo vial

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  • BPC-157 – 10mg
  • TB-500 – 10mg


  1. Promotes rapid surface wound healing with little to no scarring and very little discomfort
  2. Heals at a cellular level, stem cells are the main ingredient to wound healing and body organ regeneration
  3. Assists with regeneration of blood vessels
  4. Reduces inflammation of the joints
  5. Increases stamina levels during longer bouts of endurance
  6. Promote tendon and ligament healing by tendon outgrowth, cell survival, and cell migration.
  7. Tendon-to-bone healing effective enough that they may actually “successfully exchange the present reconstructive surgical methods”
  8. Counter the damaging effects of NSAIDs like ibuprofen or advil on the gut lining so effectively that scientists termed BPC-157 “a NSAIDs antidote” one of which they say that “no other single agent has portrayed a similar array of effects



*Sterile/ bacteriostatic water sold separately

1 review for BPC-157+TB-500 – 10mg/10mg combo vial

  1. Jason Douglas

    This stuff is a miracle drug! Healed my shoulder in 4 weeks!

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