Tirzepatide – 10mg/vial

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Tirzepatide is a dual glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide (GIP) and glucagon-like peptide-1 agonist (GLP). Dual GIP/GLP-1 agonists gained increasing attention as new agents for glycemic and weight control as they demonstrated better glucose control and weight loss compared to selective GLP-1 receptor agonists in preclinical and clinical trials.

The protein sequence of Tirzepatide was based on the sequence of endogenous GIP, and its pharmacological action on GLP-1 receptors is comparable to endogenous GIP. It has a role as a glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonist, an anti-obesity agent, a hypoglycemic agent, a gastric inhibitory polypeptide receptor agonist, and an incretin mimetic.

Sample Dosing Schedule:

Serious Warning: Please dose this product responsibly. If you’re new to the product, or haven’t taken it in some time, you need to start small. Skipping to a high dose too soon will cause incredibly unpleasant & long-lasting side effects. Most users will not need to progress through to the highest dosage level to achieve substantial results.

Week 1 through 4 2.5mg per week Initial onboarding dose
Week 5 through 8 5mg per week Dose Escalation (if needed)
Week 9 through 12 7.5mg per week Dose Escalation (if needed)
Week 13 through 16 10mg per week Dose Escalation (if needed)
Week 17 through 20 12.5mg per week Dose Escalation (if needed)
Week 21+ 15mg per week Maximum indicated dose

*Sterile/ bacteriostatic water sold separately


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